As well as hosting our own sales and gaming events we also provide services for your event or venue too

The history of video gaming available for hire

We have a huge inventory of micro computers, consoles and games, ranging from the Atari 2600 all the way up to the Nintendo Switch. Whatever you require, we can provide it. We offer setups for all types of occasions, from big conventions to small events.

large scale setups

After a large number of machines and games for people to play on? We can cater for any size required

Smaller events

Need something for a smaller setup then we have you covered too

Corporate Hire

How about a retro gaming setup in your office, foyer or a team building event using video games?

Educational hire

The original hardware and software is a fascinating subject, we can provide this to assist in your lessons and lectures for more student interactivity

Our Systems

We currently have an inventory of over 100 systems and a library of thousands of games. This means that whatever your requirement we can provide this for you, whether you want arcade, console or computer gaming we have you covered.

Micro Computers

Are you a fan of the old computers? We have systems including Commodore, Sinclair, Acorn, Atari, Dragon, and more.


We have systems from Sega, Nintendo, Atari, Sony, Microsoft, SNK, NEC and more all waiting for you to play on them

PC gaming

We have Windows computers with classic games and the most popular Indie games to play.

Modern Gaming

Prefer the current generation of games? We have PS4, Xbox One and Switch too!

Tournaments and Competitions

Spice up your venue, bar or event with our tournaments and competitions for both the casual and hardcore gamers, guaranteed to bring extra business and new customers for you and your brand


We have lots of fun challenges for people to join in with on numerous machines and games

Prizes to Win

We can arrange prizes of differing values from retro to new


Are you the best at fighting games, racers, shooters or sports games? Our elimination tournaments always bring the best players


After some challenges with a twist then check out the Iron Gamer! Fun for everyone!