Retro Events Ltd is dedicated to bringing back the good old days of videogames, collectables & geek culture with specialist sales events, exhibitions, venue & equipment hire.

Founded in early 2015 with a mission to help collectors buy the items they needed and to spread the love of classic video games and all things retro, we have since created and ran many great events that have been attended by thousands of people.

Our events range from the dedicated sales fairs of the Super Retro Games Fair and the Collectorabilia, to our gaming events, the Retro Games Night, Press Start and Iron Gamer.

So if you are a fan of Videogames, Star Wars, Cosplay, Thundercats, Pokemon, Comics, Wrestling, Dr Who, the 1980s, 1990s or any pop culture field then click on the events page now to see what we have coming up!

As well as hosting our own events we also hire out our services for your events too. So if your convention, event, bar, wedding, lecture or party needs a either a retro gaming section, tournament or competition then get in touch with us to see how we can help. Whether its for a small get together or a big convention we can cater for all sizes. We have a large inventory of video games, consoles and computers, ranging from the Atari 2600 all the way up to the PS4 and XBOX One. At present we have a library of over 100 systems and thousands of games which is constantly expanding all ready to be played! Check out the services page for more information.

If you would like to sell at one of our events, sponsor a show or hire a retro gaming setup then get in touch with us today!

We are always on the lookout for systems, games and accessories, so if you are thinking of downsizing your collection, or have any old gaming or computer equipment in the loft then let us know what you have: we may well be interested in incorporating into our inventory for other gamers to enjoy.

Sales Events

Buy back your childhood or increase your collections at our sales events!

Classic Gaming

Enjoy those classic games at our events or hire us to install gaming for your events

Our Network

Retro Games Fair

If you love retro gaming, playing and collecting then this is the event for you.

We have a wide range of sellers covering every videogame and home computer format since the beginning of video games and computing. So whatever format you collect whether it be Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Sinclair, Amstrad, Sony, Microsoft, Commodore, SNK we have you covered.

Relive those classic games, upgrade your collection and discover new old items that you missed first time round, whether it be games, consoles, accessories or gaming merchandise this is the event for all collectors and video game fans.

On top of all the amazing things to buy we always have a gaming zone so you can play some of the best games ever made too, a charity stall raising money for good causes, a prize draw to win classic and modern consoles plus more!

Lots of Sellers

We have a wide range of sellers from private collectors to professional traders

Lots for Sale

Consoles, games, accessories, imports, art, bartop arcades and merchandise all for sale

Play some classic games

Play your favourite games in our gaming zone!


The Collectorabilia - A Blast From the Past is the geekiest and most diverse sales fair around!!

We like to give you the chance to get some amazing one of a kind items from yesteryear and the collectables of today so you can see the items up close and personal.

There is always a huge range of retro games, consoles, toys, action figures, comics, graphic novels, art, craft, Lego, bartop arcades, modern collectables, funko pops, t-shirts, wrestling merchandise, Pokemon, Transformers, japanese imports and much much more!!

Whether you collect old school Star Wars, 80's memorabilia or modern pop culture there is something for everyone - big kids and little kids alike! Relive, remember and re-enjoy!

On top of this we have a regular charity stall, prize draws to win cool stuff and our events are all cosplay friendly too!

Amazing Items for sale

After some old school games, toys, comics or collectables? This is the event for you!


Cosplay friendly - you should see who we get through the doors!

Lots of variety

We have the best and most varied sellers around - you never know what you will find!

Retro Games Night

The best alternative night out around!!

Enjoy a drink and some competitive gaming with your mates like the good old days!

Approx 25 retro consoles to play - A couple of stalls selling games and geeky merchandise, big screen gaming, competitions, prizes, indie gaming, bartop arcades, sofas, beer and some classic tunes!

There is always a range of classic games on a multitude of consoles from the Nes all the way up to the Switch. So if you fancy a blast on some Mariokart, Goldeneye, Smash Brothers, Bomberman, Micro Machines, Point Blank, Pacman, Street Fighter 2, Tekken and loads more classics then this is the place to come.

So relive your past, play some games and have a great night courtesy of Retro Events.

The best games ever made

We have all the classics to play! Mario Bros, Sonic, Street Fighter, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken, Bomberman and so much more!!

Multiplayer Action

Fancy some four player fun and beating your mates over a few beers?

Tournaments and Prizes

Enter one one of our tournaments or challenges and win prizes!

Press Start

We have another gaming brand that we like to take out and about called Press Start - this brand is more focussed on playing video games with a few sellers of merchandise, its a chance for people to have fun with their families. Here we like to provide a selection of games and consoles from different eras with a range of multiplayer games as well as some gaming challenges.

Previously we have ran Press Start events in universities for freshers week, and shop units for the council as a cool thing for people to attend. This brand is available to hire should you need a gaming pop up event with a difference

Family Friendly

Press Start events are perfect for playing classic games with the family.


All major formats in gaming history available to play with a variety of games for each system. Including the best from Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Atari and Microsoft

Tournaments and Challenges

At our Press Start events we like to have a challenge or tournament - nothing beats the fun from trying to win a prize or get the highest score at a classic game.

Toy Art

Toy Art UK events are a collaboration between Retro Events and Toy Art UK - here we showcase amazing works of designer toy art and print art from the best artists in the UK and the world. Meet the artists and buy custom creations directly from them.

Designer Toys

Print Art

Custom Figures

Iron Gamer

Need a tournament for your event? Then we can provide the Iron Gamer for you! Random gaming challenges with a twist with an overall winner taking the prize.

Gaming Challenges

Think you can play games then think again!

Head to Head Competition

Can you beat the competition one and one?

Win Prizes

As well as being crowned the Iron Gamer you can also win prizes too!

Retro Gaming League

Grab some mates, form a team and take part in regular challenges on the best video games ever made to see who is the best RETRO GAMER!!


Geekalicious is the brand to buy all of your geeky merchandise and goodies! Coming Soon

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