Retro Events Ltd is dedicated to bringing back the good old days of videogames, collectables & geek culture with specialist sales events, exhibitions & equipment hire.


As well as hosting our own events we can also do the following:

The history of video gaming available for hire

We have a huge inventory of micro computers, consoles and games, ranging from the Atari 2600 all the way up to the Nintendo Switch. Whatever you require, we can provide it. We offer setups for all types of occasions, from big conventions to small events.

Our Systems

We currently have an inventory of over 100 systems and a library of thousands of games. This means that whatever your requirement we can provide this for you, whether you want arcade, console or computer gaming we have you covered.

Tournaments and Competitions

Spice up your venue, bar or event with our tournaments and competitions for both the casual and hardcore gamers, guaranteed to bring extra business and new customers for you and your brand

Social media

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